About Us

Nataly’s Adult Family Home was founded on the premise of unsurpassed care and compassion for those in need.  Nataly Mailmon, founder and owner of our home, possesses a plethora of experience and credentials that are put into play on a daily basis to oversee a superior staff of professionals while maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment for all residents.  Nataly is a phenomenal cook which is always appreciated, much needed and in fact, quite rare in this industry!  She and her staff always keep the home very well appointed, organized and exceptionally clean.

Nataly is a registered Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) with more than a decade of experience. Her desire to help and care for others is evident, and you will see this immediately when visiting our home.  Nataly is an extremely social, engaging and outgoing person who has received numerous accolades over the years from associates, coworkers and industry professionals. This prompted Nataly to eventually start her own business. As a result, Nataly’s Adult Family Home was founded.  Her management skills, inner drive and knowledge of the senior care industry makes Nataly an ideal candidate to lead her team of medical and industry professionals.

The staff of Nataly’s is chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Experience
  • Training and Certifications
  • A mastery of the English Language
  • A natural love and passion for the caring of others

The home itself was actually built specifically for our business as opposed to other homes which may have been converted into an adult family home business. The home itself sits on a full acre of beautiful greenery and surroundings.

The attention to detail as well as the specialized and individualized care for every resident really helps to set us apart from many comparable homes.

Every resident at Nataly’s is certain to feel at home and will become an integral part of a loving, caring family. 

Please contact us at any time for more information or to schedule a visit.